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The Easy Lesson Planner is designed to help teachers save time during their preparation for classroom activities as well as aid in the documentation of state guidelines and benchmarks. The success of the program so far has been overwhelming. The program has evolved since it's creation in the Fall of 2003 into an online system.

The online system allows for teachers to access their plans and documentation from anywhere in the world. Administrative reports have been added to the online version to allow admiministrators to track the state guidelines by individual classroom to ensure that teachers are covering the needed materials and objectives for each grade level as defined by the state. It also allows administrators to check and approve teacher lesson plans without the hastle of thumbing through a stack of papers on their desk and battling the ever difficult task reading the teacher's handwriting.

The Easy Lesson Planner allows teachers to change colors, fonts, size, and even add hyperlinks to pages that will be used during a lesson directly into their plans. The plans can be streamlined directly into the curriculum instead of sitting on the teacher's desk taking up space.

In addition to this, a calendar function allows teachers to post assignments, notes, and important event dates to a web page just by submitting their lesson plans. You did read this correct. A "dynamic" page is created automatically when a teacher submits his/her plans. A designated area on the lesson plan template is for a calendar function that posts information for teachers to the web for parent communications. This is a great tool that allows teachers to communicate with parents. Unlike depending on a note sent home in the students backpack, this note is guaranteed to be posted. Parents can go to the web and see the happenings for the week.

We would love to sit down and visit with you more about our product. Companies in various states are becoming official sales representatives for the Easy Lesson Planner. Please click here for a list of representatives in your state or contact us directly by clicking here. A representative will be contacting you to help answer any questions that you may have.

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